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Helter Skelter 1991  


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23/09/2018 8:23 pm  

With thanks to Freebass


Krome + Grooverider
>> DJ Krome <<

Q-Bass - Hardcore Will Never Die [Subbase]
Nebula 2 - Atheama [Reinforced]

>> Grooverider <<

Shotgun Assassins - Start The Panik [HUM]
Frequency Kiss The Sky [Lower East Side]
The Loved Ones Resurrection [Proton Dance]
DJ Reckless - Reckless Carnage [Pulse 8]
Alchemy - Kingdom Of Sweets [Orbital]
Doc Scott - Surgery (Remix) [Absolute 2]
Dragonfly - Visions Of Rage [BTB]
Overnite - Time Has Come [Buzz Records]

Side B

Overnite - Time Has Come [Buzz Records]
Tronik - House Mental Techno [KMS]
Circa 91 - Can You Feel Me [Debut]
X Ray Xperminents 2 - Kick The Bass [X Ray Xperiments]
Between The Grooves - Compression [Powertraxx]
Rabbit City *1 [Rabbit City]
The Flex Program - Bassrush [De Underground]
IE Records #2
E Dancer - Pump The Move [KMS]
Naz AKA Naz - Naz 101
Masters At Work - Just A Lil Dope [Nervous] (Played at 45)
Nightmares On Wax - 21st Kong [Warp]
One II One - I Want You [Reinforced]


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