Onlyoldskoolradio……..Past, Present and Future!! started life as a forum in 2009, by 2010 the radio was established. When the original founders departed it was Daz Vibe, assisted by Luke Buxton, that we have to thank for keeping OnlyOldSkool alive for many years until it’s transformation into the new website address and new look last year (2017) which, following Daz’s retirement, saw Nick Cheshire, aka DJ Cheese take hold of the reins . With the support of Natasha Gabber, Radio Administrator; Techno Tuesday Moderator Neil “Mogwai” Sharkey; Only Drum & Bass Moderators Clint Ryan (aka Clear-Cutz) and Steve Payne (aka Distur3d) and; not least Scotty Mann, who we have to thank for the wonderful new look website, forum and chatroom that you see today , has evolved into something very special.  There’s no denying this is a significant period of transition for and if we are to survive in an almost saturated market then we need to establish partnerships with like minded and similarly focused groups to come together as a mutually supportive family helping each other to strive to achieve and maintain success.

Dan Monk and Co over at the Jungle_list Facebook page said this about the relationship with the Onlyoldskool family….
“About 4 years ago I met Daz Vibe and he told me all about onlyoldskool and tried to get me on the radio, forwarding a couple of years and there I am with DJ Trax freestyle rapping with food poisoning for one of our jungle_list meets onlyoldskool events. Recently onlyoldskoolradio have had a revamp so we thought it’s a good time for Nick Cheshire, Natasha Gabber and Scott Mann to tell us about the past, present and future for this great old school platform.” have embraced the jungle_list facebook group and is just one example of how our family is growing. To date there have been two The Jungle_list meets events on the station seeing a mix of DJs from both camps playing some fantastic sets and sees the chatroom bursting at the seams. The Jungle_list has its first event on 31st August 2018 in London with some familiar Onlyoldskoolradio DJs performing on the night. More information can be found here…

A more recent addition to the Onlyoldskoolradio family are our friends Darren Waldock and Co at The Box events . July 2018 saw us broadcast live from The Box 6 in Bristol and the aim is to broadcast again from The Box 7 in September 2018 from Bedford where our old friend Ratty will be headlining. More information and ticket links can be found here

The future really is bright for us at, we are proud to announce that we have guest DJs making their debut appearances for us including Pilgrim who is playing a 2 hour set this Friday at 6pm BST. In addition to this we are in talks with Bizzy B and Basement Phil.

If you would like to become a part of our growing network and work with us in the future then please do not hesitate to get in touch at

From us all that work tirelessly to keep this show on the road, the DJ’s, artists, the chatroom audience and producers alike, one thing we all have in common is our shared passion for oldskool music and the scene. If it wasn’t for this love, would not be the place it is you see today. Without a doubt, we possess a real sense of comradery that has never died within the oldskool community with many of us travelling to meet one another, support each other at events and real life long friendships have been established amongst many of us. That’s not to say we have no room for newcomers, far from it, there’s always plenty of room for new members to our family and our chatroom it has been said by many, is one of the friendliest and welcoming that exists on the internet today. So please, don’t be shy, when you get locked to the tunes, take that next step and come on in the chatroom and say hello to the family, show your appreciation to the DJ in person and quite possibly get IDs on tunes that you may have forgotten about and not heard in a long time.

It really is exciting times for as our network and partner’s increase in a process of ongoing evolution. If we are to keep on succeeding then it is essential that we do not stop developing or working towards maintaining a vitality about the place that only people like you, yes you, can bring to the table. So what’s stopping you from getting involved. You won’t be disappointed!!

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