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Just Johno

Resident DJ

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Resident DJ

DSP or Digital Sound Processor found his way into the underground scene at the young age of 11 after starting with Rap. He got his first turntables at 12 and has never stopped since. Starting so young he started working on the market selling Handbags and later on tape packs for a local record shop and was able to buy records every week from 1992 onwards. Having a vast collection of Jungle, Hardcore, Hiphop, soul, funk reggae and many other types of music could only lead one way and that was production. Starting off at school he self-taught himself the Akai and quickly developed a love for engineering and creating music.

DSP has been producing jungle since 1994 with his first release in 1997 with at the time underground jumpup hit the DON. going under the names, Leo, MK2, and DSP since 1999 he has been making music for labels such as Banging tunes and Skeleton Recordings. Future solo works are due soon and future collaborations with Sicknote and Programs in memory.
Cooking up not only music but loving food comes as another interest of Leo who is always in the kitchen and showing his creations on Instagram.


Nasos K

Nasos K

Resident DJ
Born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s. Not a DJ and never will be (although I’ve played in some gigs). Radio producer with a rave spirit and with the 90’s in my mind. I’m a music lover since I remember my self, got in the music at my 11 and never left since then. Been in some raves and live concerts, I usually play eurodance but when things are getting serious expect the unexpected.
I love playing oldschool hardcore and rave and a mixture of these, along with pure energy is what you get in my sets. I’m in the local radio industry for some years and on 2018 I took my chances in the foreign radio stations through oldskoolradio. All you have to do is tune in…….and feel the vibes

Ju Drops

Resident DJ

I’ve been raving since the late 80s – the 1880s!! My first club night was at Dungeons, where I fell in love with the music & the people,  I still go out raving now – putting the Old into Old Skool!!  Back in the day, I loved Oakenfold, Emerson, Dean Thatcher, Fabio & I still love Justin Robertson.  I try to create the atmosphere of the early days through my residencies on stations like RadioactiveFM, Rokagroove Radio and Only Old Skool Radio playing Old Skool House, Tribal and Techno – Raver til I die!!!

Matty B

Radio Admin & Resident DJ

Coming soon

Clear Cutz

Only Drum N Bass Admin

I started out in the rave scene back in 1990 and NYE 1991 saw me attend my first rave at the Eclipse Club, Coventry which changed my life forever!!
By 1993 I had started mixing and had some involvment in producing a track on 2EZ Recordings label. During the mid to late 1990s I was involved in the Gusto free parties in and around the Midlands area of the country. Sadly in 1997 I was burgled and, with the exception of my Happy Hardcore collection, I lost everything. By 1999 and now living in Brighton, with the help of some friends I started playing Drum & Bass at some of the local pubs and clubs including The Gladstone and No Man’s an Island.
The early 2000s saw me fall out of the scene for a considerable amount of time as a result of some personal life issues at the time and it wasn’t until 2015 when i joined the Facebook page “Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle” (LLBCJ) that i leapt back into the scene, purchasing my first set of Technic’s 1210 MK3D.

I joined Onlyoldskoolradio.com back in January 2017 and have progressed to having a weekly 2 hour show on Saturdays from 10pm and working alongside Steve Payne (Distur3d) and John “FlavRjay” Conlon in running Only Drum & Bass Wedesdays, the last three Wednesdays of each month.
On 31st August 2018 I can be heard playing at the first ever The Jungle_list presents Pressure in London. More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1050279428464747/
The main genres I play are Old Skool, 93 Darkness, both older and newer Drum & Bass as well as some Liquid D&B too. If you would like to book me for an event please contact me via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clint.ryan.129.

Clare AKA Princess Penguin

Radio Admin

Well, I’m just here for the ride. I’m no DJ (I can just about beatmatch) but I do love my tunes. You can usually find me hanging out with the mighty DJ Baza, making sure he behaves!

I’ve a trained background in music and can play a few instruments, as well as sing- as for decks, I’m still learning.  You’ll not be hearing me live anytime soon! I’m a girl of the 80s and 90s but missed out on the scene the first time round, due to growing up in rural Cornwall . I’ve since made up for it in the last few years, having once again found that sound that feels like home.

I’m here to help keep the website looking tidy, as well as support with flyers, set times, profiles and anything else that needs doing in the background.

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