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DJ Hubble

Resident DJ

I started mixing hip-hop in the early ’90s on my mate’s decks, but after realising I was rubbish at scratching turned my attention to the hardcore scene. Got my first wobbly belt drives in ’95 and have been obsessively collecting vinyl since then. Now I mix on 1210s and a DDJ-RR, have an enviable collection, both vinyl and digital, and an empty bank account. Can be found mixing Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and Drum n Bass at private parties, London bars and, of course, the only station that counts: OnlyOldSkoolRadio.com

Mr Anderson

Resident DJ

I’ve been DJ’ing since I was 17 and I love Hardcore, Rave, Drum and Bass and Trip Hop. I’m into Scratching and Turntablism and tried to style myself similar to DJ Hype who was a massive influence for me in the early days. I played on a lot of Pirate stations in the 90’s and have spun at some pretty good Raves all over the UK. I love my Darkside Hardcore and DNB and collect a lot of Vinyl from 1993. I’ve recently bought Serato but will never use CDJ’s as I love mixing and scratching on Technics. It’s more of a hobby now but I still love playing out when I can. All my mixes are live without the use of Synch Buttons or key mixing, Keep it real you crazy kids!

John Browne

Resident DJ

have been a DJ/MC from the age of 11 1/2 and have played a wide range of music. Now a producer from 2001 and have some releases on Red Alpha Records DnB/J Tek. I have been fortunate to work alongside the likes of Zinc, Nicky Blackmarket, Grooverider, Roni Size & Simon Bassline Smith to mention a few, i currently use my time wisely & produce as much as possible. Claim to fame, performing in front of 243.000 people in Santa Cruz Tenerife. Moto don’t let your head swell even if you’re doing well!

DJ Mogwai

Techno Tuesday Head Admin

Coming soon

Peso the Medic

I got into dance music in the late 80s via the likes of Bomb the Bass and Soul II Soul, but it was seeing Goldie & Rufige Kru live in 1993 that pulled me into drum & bass. 24 years on, my love for the music has not diminished. I love playing various styles of drum & bass. I’m a massive fan of Metalheadz, 31, Exit & Good Looking but my tastes go much wider than that, from amen smashers on Skeleton to liquid funk on Jazzsticks. Some people might know me from Twitter, where I’ve been having a bit of fun doing the #drumnbreakfast hashtag with DJ Remedee, Aftershock & many more over the last few years, sharing our favourite breakfast recipes & drum & bass tunes. #drumnbreakfast has now evolved into a regular podcast produced by me & DJ Remedee. I do a fortnightly show on After Dark Radio on alternate Monday nights and regular shows on Only Old Skool’s DnB Wednesdays.

DJ Roller

Resident DJ
Having been influenced by the oldskool sounds of many  djs such as Ratty ,  Slipmatt , Grooverider , Fabio and Ltj Bukem.
I finally learnt to mix in the early 90’s and played at a few local events and a couple of the old pirate stations .
More recently playing at events like ‘Tranquility  Base ‘ and ‘ Dubplate Wars ‘ in the Midlands and for Dreamscape  at ‘ Get Smashed pt 2.
I predominantly play 93 / 94 Darkcore ,Jungle Techno and Intelligent Dnb !


Radio Admin

First off let’s make it clear, I’m not a DJ and will never be a DJ, but I quite enjoy pretending to be one sometimes, and only sometimes!!!

I joined Only Old Skool Radio in 2011 and soon became a chat room regular.  Eventually my mithering (for southerners read pestering) paid off and I was promoted initially to chat room moderator in around 2016 before becoming Radio Administrator in 2017.

Only Old Skool Radio has a special place in my heart, like a lot of people that find us, it’s been here for me during some dark times as well as the good and fun times and as long as I live and breathe, OOSR will continue to live and grow. One <3


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