The Future Is In Our Hands

Hello fellow old skool lovers and OOSR supporters across the globe, without your support and ongoing participation in the chatroom, not least the dedication of the DJs who play for us and those who want to play for us….don’t think your efforts arent appreciated…we would not be where we are today without “youz” lot!!!

That said, we need to keep moving forward and your input is welcomed…what would you like to see change…what do you think works and needs to remain in place…… as the title says, the future is in our hands, your hands my friends.  Please contact me Natasha Gabber and we can start to communicate and engage with each other to work towards creating a better and brighter future and see this station continue to evolve in a similar manner to which it has already.

By no means least, we have a lot to thank Scotty Mann for in creating this wonderful environment for us all to enjoy the music that our dedicated DJs play week in week out and take pleasure from each others company.  Nick Cheshire has also been vital in keeping OOSR alive and kicking…however it is with regret that both Scotty and Nick have stepped down…i think i speak for us all when i say “thank you” to both of you.

With all that in mind, we’re at a stage where “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” and yes, t’is ‘ickle old gobby me at the helm, I hope everyone is ok with that….in addition I have recruited who I believe to be passionate, dedicated and  energetic people to assist in the progression of OOSR to work alongside myself, Clint Ryan (Only DnB), Steve Payne (Only DnB) and Neil Mogwai Sharkey (Techno Tuesday).  Therefore, please let me introduce to you….the new admins Bazza and Princess Penguin , the latter of which will be helping keep the website fresh with her vital input.

I hope you will all continue to show your support and committment to the OOSR cause.  Your input is always welcomed so please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and finally, there’s some changes ahead that hopefully will please some of you…watch this space!!

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