About us

We stream music 24/7 and currently seeking new DJs.

Onlyoldskoolradio is all about the music and rave scene that we all know and love.

Founded in 2010 Only Old Skool has become an established name for playing the finest classic house on the internet.

At onlyoldskoolradio you can experience DJ’s playing LIVE 6 days a week most weeks. It is a thriving family of DJs and listeners alike. It can be experienced in full effect in the chat room where you can engage with the DJ and hear old skool music being played to you LIVE and direct.

We are sure you will hear tunes you haven’t heard in years, have never heard before and most certainly will want to know the names of. The chat room gives you the opportunity to ask for those IDs and is most definitely a fun experience that you will not forget. Don’t be shy, we really are a friendly bunch and our doors are always open for new members. The chat room is where you can talk directly to the DJ’s and all will be happy to give you a shout over the airways.

Our radio station is not about being a pro champion DJ or having a big ego. 
It’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. Anyone is welcome to come and play a set. The format you use is not important, whether it be vinyl, digital, CDJs or VDJ etc and you will be fully encouraged by the members of the chat room – NO bad or negative vibes here 🙂

Anyone that is interested in playing on onlyoldskoolradio.com/ then please give a shout and we’ll get you sorted to play.

It really isn’t difficult to get up and running and playing some of the tunes you love to a very receptive audience.

We are always open for Guest DJs to come and play for us. Some of our Guest Djs include Monita, Vinyl Junkie, Rachael EC, DJ Smurf, martianMan (a regular on OOSR) and more recently Pilgrim, which has seen the chatroom buzzing and allowed us to welcome new members to our family. If you are an accomplished DJ and would like a Special Guest appearance on our radio station then please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to accommodate you.

So what are you all waiting for, get involved!!!

WEBSITE: onlyoldskoolradio.com/
CHATROOM:- onlyoldskoolradio.com/chat
FORUM: onlyoldskoolradio.com/community
LISTENING LINKS: onlyoldskoolradio.com/listen
EMAIL: onlyoldskoolradio@gmail.com

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