Clear Cutz

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10.00 – 12.00am  Every Saturday
Only Drum & Bass Admin


  • Drum & Bass
  • Oldskool
  • Nu & Oldskool Jungle


I have been into the Rave scene since 1990. Went to my 1st Rave at the Eclipse club in Coventry, NYE 1991-1992, which changed my life forever.

Got into mixing in early 1993 and also helped make a tune which was on a label called 2 ez recordings. Put on a few party’s in the Midlands area in the mid to late 90’s which were called Gusto. Got burgled in 97 and everything was taken, except my happy hardcore records. Moved to Brighton in 99, which led to me mixing DnB at a few pubs and clubs in Brighton, with a help from some friends. Played at pubs called The Gladstone and No man’s a island in Brighton. Then fell out with the scene in early 2000’s, had a few personal thing’s going on in my life from 2008 -2015. Joined LLBCJ in 2015 and bought my 1st set of Technic’s 1210 mk3d and been on since Jan 2017. I play oldskool, 93 dark, liquid DnB and new DnB.  

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