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DJ Cheese

Resident DJ, Radio & Website Admin

First got into dance music when I bought my first 12” in 1983 which was hey you by the rocksteady crew and continued through the 80’s listening to electro and hip hop,got into house music in ‘89 when listening to Dj 279’s hip hop show on dance fm when he dropped depth charge and that was it I was hooked,listening to pirate radio stations like fantasy fm,Rave fm,Pulse fm and Defection Fm.

I was inspired by people like DJ Hype, DJ Eclipse, Mixmastermax ,spent years trying to hone my scratching & mixing,so you’ll catch me playing anything from electro,hip hop,Acid,88’89’90’ house music and early hardcore up until late 1992



DJ Hedgehog

Resident DJ & Radio Admin

Vinyl collector since 1984 , resident and promoter for Eden (1991-1995)  , Carnage (Brixton) , Peace (MoS) – recently involved in ILVM . No genre offbounds !!

Ju Drops

Resident DJ & Radio Admin

I’ve been raving since the late 80s – the 1880s!! My first club night was at Dungeons, where I fell in love with the music & the people,  I still go out raving now – putting the Old into Old Skool!!  Back in the day, I loved Oakenfold, Emerson, Dean Thatcher, Fabio & I still love Justin Robertson.  I try to create the atmosphere of the early days through my residencies on stations like RadioactiveFM, Rokagroove Radio and Only Old Skool Radio playing Old Skool House, Tribal and Techno – Raver til I die!!!


Resident DJ, Only Drum N Bass Admin

Steve Started DJING when he was 13, playing at his local youth clubs. he went on to do a few guest spots at a few clubs in Rotherham, then got his own show on Fantasy FM, Pitch FM in Sheffield while I was also playing at Revolution in the Jungle, Uprising & party’s in Rotherham, Sheffield, Lincoln & Retford also played at Venue 44, now resident DJ AND long time Admin on Onlyoldskool Radio playing oldskool Jungle & Upfront D&B on Only Drum n’ Bass….



DJ FLavRjay

Resident DJ, Only Drum N Bass Admin
Originally from Dublin, now living in Co Louth, Ireland.

FLavRjay is a resident DJ with The Energy Collective Dublin, running a night called OldSkool FLavR’s focusing on all things OldSkool & Jungle/DnB.

FLavRjay also hosts radio shows: on UDMI Radio presenting the OldSkool FLavR’s, Phever Radio Dublin presenting BreakBeat FLavR every second Thursday 22.00-00.00 GMT, a monthly on After Dark Radio, last Saturday of the month called Speaker Box 22.00-00.00 GMT, Only Drum ‘n’ Bass and also a regular on OnlyOldSkool Radio.

FLavrjay started raving in 1992 in Dublin but had a strong passion for the early 90s UK Hardcore Rave scene and would religiously shop in the Abbey Mail Dublin buying OldSkool breaks or Hardcore mix tapes. The vinyl obsession started in 1994 and still continues to this day.

His preferred style of music is Jungle/D&B & OldSkool Rave/Hardcore, but he often takes a trip down memory lane spinning old skool house & techno witnessed at iconic nights such as The Asylum, Sides DC, Ormond Multimedia Centre, Columbia Mills and all the big Raves at the Point Depot and around Ireland in the early 90s.

FLavRjay got his first DJ’ing opportunity at the Purple Onion Night Club in Dame Street Dublin in 1996 and went on to play at various other venues such as the Da Club, McGraths, OMMC Dublin, before progressing to putting on nights in Drogheda, Co Louth from 1999. More recently he has enjoyed spinning his tunes in Switch, The Voodoo Lounge, Wiley Fox, Fibbers and TurksHead in Dublin. In 2016 FLavRjay was part of the EC DJ crew playing at Hotbox Gathering and Life Festival Ireland. FLavRjay played a Jungle set at The first Irish Official Outlook Party in Dublin 2017 and HotBox Gathering 2017.

He is dedicated to OldSkool vibes and is a strictly vinyl-only DJ

Clear Cutz

Resident DJ, Only Drum N Bass Admin

I started out in the rave scene back in 1990 and NYE 1991 saw me attend my first rave at the Eclipse Club, Coventry which changed my life forever!!
By 1993 I had started mixing and had some involvment in producing a track on 2EZ Recordings label. During the mid to late 1990s I was involved in the Gusto free parties in and around the Midlands area of the country. Sadly in 1997 I was burgled and, with the exception of my Happy Hardcore collection, I lost everything. By 1999 and now living in Brighton, with the help of some friends I started playing Drum & Bass at some of the local pubs and clubs including The Gladstone and No Man’s an Island.
The early 2000s saw me fall out of the scene for a considerable amount of time as a result of some personal life issues at the time and it wasn’t until 2015 when i joined the Facebook page “Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle” (LLBCJ) that i leapt back into the scene, purchasing my first set of Technic’s 1210 MK3D.

I joined Onlyoldskoolradio.com back in January 2017 and have progressed to having a weekly 2 hour show on Saturdays from 10pm and working alongside Steve Payne (Distur3d) and John “FlavRjay” Conlon in running Only Drum & Bass Wedesdays, the last three Wednesdays of each month.
On 31st August 2018 I can be heard playing at the first ever The Jungle_list presents Pressure in London. More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1050279428464747/
The main genres I play are Old Skool, 93 Darkness, both older and newer Drum & Bass as well as some Liquid D&B too. If you would like to book me for an event please contact me via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clint.ryan.129.

Deejay Endo

Resident DJ, Only Drum N Bass Admin

I got into rave and hip hop around 1992/93 when I was 11, got my first turntables in 1996 when I was 14 and started playing out in and around Bristol in about 1999/00.

In 2004/5 I started studying turntablism and by 2010 was entering local DJ battles. In 2011 I was a semi finalist in the DMC UK battle for supremacy in London and had honour of performing, battling and being judged by the Xecutioners who have been a massive inspiration to me.

I have held residencies at a few Bristol D&B nights including Shoot the Freak and Intuition, and I’ve played at a fair few other nights over the years. I have held down numerous radio shows on several internet stations including Headrushdnb, OnlyOldSkool, DV8 Radio, Sensei FM and I am looking forward to my new show on After Dark Radio!

DJ Freebass

Resident DJ

I was signed for the legendary Bass Generator records a well known and well established record label and business based in the UK, but things didn’t work out, so currently looking for a new agent. I will be playing Oldskool Hardcore from 1990-1993 and then Hardcore Techno, Acid Techno, Gabba + various other forms of Hardcore.


Resident DJ

DJ Phat Flava

Resident DJ

Details coming soon!

DJ R-Hawk

Resident DJ
First and foremost I am into raving and I love playing jungle and D&B.
While living in Somerset in the mid 90’s I played at lots of random free parties.  I also had a regular slot at UFO Club at the Berkley Suite, Longleat between 1995-1996. The night was run by DJ Wink and had some big names on the same bill, like Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost and Gachet. Whilst living in Sheffield 1996-2000, I played regularly at Corporation night club, with the Cooked Fish crew. In Bristol, I have played at various parties in Lakota, Thekla and TimBuk2, and put on small nights with friends.
From about 2001 I had a massive break from playing out to focus on family and work, but kept on collecting vinyl.
In the past few years I’ve got on internet radio, getting involved with Global DnB and now Only Old Skool Radio.  I am also an Admin for Facebook group The Jungle_List and will be playing at their 1st party on 31st August 2018.  It is a great time for the music right now and especially with social media making it easier to connect with people to share the love.
For me, it is the love of the music and the buzz of sharing it with other people that keeps me spinning tunes. I love playing hardcore, jungle and D&B from 92 right up to the present day in my sets.

John Browne

Resident DJ

have been a DJ/MC from the age of 11 1/2 and have played a wide range of music. Now a producer from 2001 and have some releases on Red Alpha Records DnB/J Tek. I have been fortunate to work alongside the likes of Zinc, Nicky Blackmarket, Grooverider, Roni Size & Simon Bassline Smith to mention a few, i currently use my time wisely & produce as much as possible. Claim to fame, performing in front of 243.000 people in Santa Cruz Tenerife. Moto don’t let your head swell even if you’re doing well!

Dan FaceMe

Resident DJ

Raving since 91, I earned my stripes at seminal clubs like Rage on a Thursday night at heaven and Orange at the rocket on saturdays.

A vinylist for over 20 years and I’m still addicted to the black crack. He doesn’t know it but DJ Hype taught me to scratch as I dissected every mixtape of his bitd.

Big up all the original hardcore jungle techno only for the headstrong massive and kru.



DJ Helix

Resident DJ

I started DJing after getting a set of 1210’s way back in 1992 after going to clubs such as Sterns. Since then I have been playing a whole range of genres like, Oldskool, DnB, Hardcore, Jungle, Trance and House.  You’ll normally find me playing at 10pm each week on the Techno Tuesday night.

DJ Junk

Resident DJ

In 1988 I got into Dj-ing, mixing up electro and double decking ‘Ultimate Breaks And Beats’. I’ve been collecting music since the mid 80’s and have and old skool hip hop collection to die for.

In the early 90’s I got into the rave / hardcore jungle scene and was dj-ing this genre, I also started a mix tape business, selling rave mix tapes all over the UK south coast. Those tape were known as ‘Junk Hardcore’
By 1992 with the rave scene at its height I wanted to make some jungle 12” vinyl so I got into a local studio and put a 2 track 12” together and got it pressed up and put out through distributors, it did ok so I went back and did more. Since ’92 I have been putting out vinyl ever since, the genres have changed from jungle to house to breakbeat. I’ve done over 60 vinyl releases since.


Resident DJ

Details to follow

Chris Groove

Resident DJ

DJ Neil S

Resident DJ

I started my own show on onlyoldskoolradio.com in November 2018 I played on a few of DSP shows before. I play mainly old skool drum and bass, slightly more up to date (Not the latest at all) and very occasionally a bit of uk Garage.

DJ Twisted

Resident DJ

Details to follow!

DJ Monatomic

Resident DJ

Absolute vinyl enthusiast, raver and DJ since the 90’s. DJ Monatomic over the last 20 years has played at various events and venues across the UK and in his local area and best known for his residency with long running Drum & Bass night UNDERTONE in Lincoln and currently resident DJ at Barefoot, Lincoln. DJ Monatomic has Dj’ed at events such as Bloc Brighton, Pleasuredome, Vibealite, Rugkutta Lincoln, Liquid Sessions Birmingham, Vexd Skegness and venues such as The Volks, The Engine Shed and Grand Central. Being used to the spotlight he has performed alongside the likes of DJ Sy, Bryan Gee, DJ Rush, Vibes, Kenny Ken, Mark EG, Lenzman, Fergus, Hybrid Minds, Brisk, Benny Page, BCEE, LSB and DJ Furney. Monatomic has the unique skill to turn his hand to most genres within electronic music and beyond. Whether it be Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hip-Hop, Old School or Techno.

Spenny Spen

Resident DJ

DJ Spenny Spen

with roots going right back to the heady days of rave. (Shelleys, the Eclipse, Rage, spiral tribe. ect ) Spencer Produced music on the legendary Area 51 recordings (DJ Clarkee’s label.) during the 90’s and took his live act on stage at Dreamscape, Kenetic, Diehard, Vibalite, North and Dance Paradise to name a few. He has played and been involved with the free party scene for many years and brings to the table a well earned understanding of all things old skool. With a lighthearted, fun and informative approach to broadcasting….

Just Johno

Resident DJ

Details to follow!

DJ Hyrize

Resident DJ

First started djing back in 1992 i got into the rave scene at a early age at 15 back in 1990 Id say i like and DJ every type of music as there’s always choons you like in any style of music – such as >Acid House/Techno/Progressive/Electro/Jungle/Hardcore/Hardhouse/Gabba/Hardstyle/Piano House/Trance/Electro and if I mist a few off.. its cos I like it all.

I started producing choons in 98 but nothing to serious just fun its the DJ side of things what makes me buzz.

Played at many venue’s and held many residencies all over the UK, Transmission and Pleasure to name a couple, also played on a number of Radio Stations through out my time.

Oldskool till I die Oi Oi

DJ Destiny

Resident DJ

Grew up listening to Hip Hop and electronic dance in the 80’s. Starting Djing in 1991, favouring heavier breakbeat hardcore. Played various local events in and around the West Country from 1993-1996. After almost 20 years DanH dusted off his trusty 1210’s and vinyl and started playing on various Dance music stations picking up where he left off playing hardcore breakbeat tunes. If the mood takes him he tends to play happier piano tunes without quite crossing over in to the happy hardcore genre!

Matty P

Resident DJ

Started djing late 80s, collecting vinyl since 70s. Went through the rave scene playing hardcore, jungle D&B before switching to house mid 90s. Played various raves UK & abroad and ran Gangster Dolphin Sound System in 90s putting free parties on up and down the country. Close affiliation with Exodus. Current residency with onlyoldskoolradio.com


Resident DJ

Dom started mixing hardcore and techno in 1992 at the height of the rave scene on a battered old pair of belt drive turntables. Over the next few years he became known locally and played at various clubs, bars and unlicensed events in the Bucks area. Taking a break for university and then the Royal Navy in the 00’s he has immersed himself again in all things record related and now runs a successful online oldskool record business and has begun to produce his own music. Dom plays oldskool hardcore, jungle and techno.

Mr Hide

Resident DJ

Details to follow!


Resident DJ

DJ Jon-Paul has over 30 years experience playing all forms of dance music, catering for eclectic tastes. He has a real passion and drive for music his wealth of music experience includes Acid House,  old skool Hardcore , US house and club classics.

Playing at festivals including Penn Festival and Samons Fest over the last few years.

A vinyl lover at heart he brings mixes to life with the old school art of mixing with the black plastic, two turntables and one mixer.

Look out for Jon-Paul on Facebook and Mix Cloud



Resident DJ

Bought my first decks in 1992 after falling in love with the scene. Played a few decent gigs for Meltdown in Southport alongside the likes of Top Buzz and Stu Allan, also played in and around the City of Liverpool, playing mostly hardcore and techno but with the odd gig playing House. Not played clubs for a while now but have since had a few internet radio shows on a few other sites here and there.

I do love to mix things up a bit and im never truly tied down to one genre but i do love playing any form of House these days as ive calmed down my tastes as i got older. Been out the loop for a while but im absolutely buzzing to finally get my airtime back and hopefully gaining a few ears on Ony Oldskool Radio.

DJ Skip

Resident DJ

I hail from the United States of America. State of California. Los Angeles/San Diego counties. City of South Gate/National City. Been spinning since 1992. I play various types of genres.

Lewis Viper

Resident DJ

Hey everyone!

I am LewisViper Techno/Hard dance/Trance Dj – Online Streamer/gamer/producer

Here is a snippet of my past, I started trying to dj back in the mid 90’s on 2 belt driven cheapo turn tables from comet! mostly mixing Happy Hardcore. lol
Always loved listening to Dreamscape 6 tapes playing games etc huge influence for me was Stu Allen listening to mix tapes my cousins recorded in Manchester.

I started off with my first GiG for Atomic Energy @The Park in peterborough.
I even spent a few months (Pub djing) late 90’s in Market Deeping at the Coach House which sadly no longer exists lovely place.
Also been fortunate to release my own album Emotions availiable on Itunes/Amazon/googleplay and many more vendors

Also Feel the Love Released on by Peace

released a track for Charity sadly my grandad was taken by cancer so this means a lot to me. Featured on local Paper website.
@Arch1 – London
@Minsitry of sound – London played a couple of times here thanks to support from Dean to give me a chance to dj here.
@The Egg London – Played one of my best gigs here love the people and atmosphere
@Cafe Cairo – London – Love this place best for Mohito’s
@Cafe 24 – Peterough – Run a few nights here including Pure NRG I had 26 dj’s playing across 3 rooms loved it!
@Yates – Peterborough
@Medusa – London
@414 London
@Bang Bar – Basingstoke
@Urban Bar – March
@Private event in West Chichester.

There has been many gigs but forgot them over the years lol

Online shows.
Currently with OnlyOldskoolRadio
Second Life – Used to dj for the following groups including my own.
Toontopia mainly every saturday! early 2000’s

Personal Links

DJ Sinister

Resident DJ

Jimmy Theodoridis is the man behind DJ Sinister moniker, a Greek based Oldskool freak starting from his skateboard love to DJing and anything around Rave music.

Currently living in Melbourne/Australia, Jimmy is one of the most down to Earth guys and loyal in what music is offering. And that is originality and emotion.
One of his first ever records was ‘Magnetic Fields’ by Jean-Michele Jarre followed by lots of other inspirational acts like Hyper On Experience, Luna-C, Acen, Ray Keith, DJ SS, Carl Cox, Ratty, Andy C, Nicky Blackmarket, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Goldie and many more others that have forced him keeping his dream alive.

Sinister project is alive since 1988 and he has played countless of events especially all around Greece (e.g. Brainstorm, Terminal, Golden Gate, Megatone sound system parties, Crypton, Tribe Club, Insomnia) while being one of the most established & active soldiers in some of the most iconic events that took place over there.
(He has supported acts like The Prodigy, Fabio, DJ Smokin Jo, Freddy Fresh, Grooverider, Moving Fusion etc.)
In addition to these he has played on various Greek stations (Athens Life FM, Salonica Safari FM, Super FM Greece, PBS Australia) and various net-stations over the last years.

He has launched his own label Darkland in 2002, while 2 years after one more label saw the light and that is Street Shadow; all specified mostly in Drum & Bass tone as well as oldskool acid & happy breakbeats.

Sinister has already released tunes on various labels like In Da Jungle Records, BlackHole, IDJ, Mushcore, Access Hardware, Junglism Recs, and his recent one came last year on Raveskool Recordings. A 4track digital EP entitled ‘Chaos therapy’ which can be purchased on the links above.
And last but not least don’t forget to follow our good fella Jimmy on his socials, get in touch with him, leave some feedback & love or whatever.


Resident DJ

Been into the rave scene since 1996, Enjoy all the types of music from the scene, Hardcore. Drum & Bass, Old Skool. In to mixing. Italian house, Hard Trance, Early 90s Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum & Bass

All set up loaded to mixcloud after set. https://www.mixcloud.com/CassonDj/



Resident DJ

I got my first pair of turntables (BSR belt drives) in 1980, and built them into a console with a ‘Realistic’ 4 channel battery powered mixer. I bought Disco & Reggae albums, and 2-Tone /Ska music.
By 1982 I had discovered BBoy-ing and cared more about ghettoblaster’s and lino, but by 1986 I started to appreciate House Music and decided some Citronic Performer turntables were just the thing with rotary speed adjustment .
I started to DJ for my friends mobile disco, and in 1988 I discovered the wonderful Acid House scene. I partied through Jack, HipHouse, and Bleep until the early Rave scene took over.
I fully immersed myself and had the best 4 years of my life, but by the beginning of 1994 the scene started to become very commercial and the original flavour was long gone.
I went back to House music, HipHop, and started to explore other none-dance music.
I enjoyed the Trance golden years from 1997 to 2002 but also bought a lot of Electro tunes which seemed to be exploding into an underground scene.
I started to stream live DJ sets firstly on Paltalk & Teamspeak, but discovered Shoutcast and NSV Tools. By 2004 I started streaming video & audio live sets on my first station RetroTech Radio.
Still bashing the one’s & two’s albeit these days on a controller.
I also play guitar, sing, and am a fully certified petrolhead.