I got my first pair of turntables (BSR belt drives) in 1980, and built them into a console with a ‘Realistic’ 4 channel battery powered mixer. I bought Disco & Reggae albums, and 2-Tone /Ska music.
By 1982 I had discovered BBoy-ing and cared more about ghettoblaster’s and lino, but by 1986 I started to appreciate House Music and decided some Citronic Performer turntables were just the thing with rotary speed adjustment .
I started to DJ for my friends mobile disco, and in 1988 I discovered the wonderful Acid House scene. I partied through Jack, HipHouse, and Bleep until the early Rave scene took over.
I fully immersed myself and had the best 4 years of my life, but by the beginning of 1994 the scene started to become very commercial and the original flavour was long gone.
I went back to House music, HipHop, and started to explore other none-dance music.
I enjoyed the Trance golden years from 1997 to 2002 but also bought a lot of Electro tunes which seemed to be exploding into an underground scene.
I started to stream live DJ sets firstly on Paltalk & Teamspeak, but discovered Shoutcast and NSV Tools. By 2004 I started streaming video & audio live sets on my first station RetroTech Radio.
Still bashing the one’s & two’s albeit these days on a controller.
I also play guitar, sing, and am a fully certified petrolhead.