Lewis Viper

Hey everyone!

I am LewisViper Techno/Hard dance/Trance Dj – Online Streamer/gamer/producer

Here is a snippet of my past, I started trying to dj back in the mid 90’s on 2 belt driven cheapo turn tables from comet! mostly mixing Happy Hardcore. lol
Always loved listening to Dreamscape 6 tapes playing games etc huge influence for me was Stu Allen listening to mix tapes my cousins recorded in Manchester.

I started off with my first GiG for Atomic Energy @The Park in peterborough.
I even spent a few months (Pub djing) late 90’s in Market Deeping at the Coach House which sadly no longer exists lovely place.
Also been fortunate to release my own album Emotions availiable on Itunes/Amazon/googleplay and many more vendors

Also Feel the Love Released on by Peace

released a track for Charity sadly my grandad was taken by cancer so this means a lot to me. Featured on local Paper website.
@Arch1 – London
@Minsitry of sound – London played a couple of times here thanks to support from Dean to give me a chance to dj here.
@The Egg London – Played one of my best gigs here love the people and atmosphere
@Cafe Cairo – London – Love this place best for Mohito’s
@Cafe 24 – Peterough – Run a few nights here including Pure NRG I had 26 dj’s playing across 3 rooms loved it!
@Yates – Peterborough
@Medusa – London
@414 London
@Bang Bar – Basingstoke
@Urban Bar – March
@Private event in West Chichester.

There has been many gigs but forgot them over the years lol

Online shows.
Currently with OnlyOldskoolRadio
Second Life – Used to dj for the following groups including my own.
Toontopia mainly every saturday! early 2000’s

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